Hollywell can offer clients in the Health sector a tailored solution to the demands that is placed upon its infrastructure, delivering improved experience to healthcare staff and visitors.

Hollywell works with its clients to implement trusted solutions that work alongside the very specific needs of the site. We can provide both maintenance solutions and infrastructure solutions that work in balance with the day to day running of bust sites, all delivered in an environmentally friendly way.

Holllywell can provide planned and reactive maintenance and draw upon a large and professional team to ensure that your site is safe and operational at all times. Our head office help desk and in field smart technologies work to ensure that the client is constantly informed and able to relay real time information onto its own stakeholders.

Contact our team with any questions and information on how we can work with you.

Here is a list of services that Hollywell can offer local authorities:

New building infrastructure

Renovation of existing buildings

Test fixed wiring and distribution boards

Air conditioning system inspections

Service and disinfect base exchange water softeners

Service oil and gas powered heaters

Service powered ventilation

Service local exhaust ventilation (fume cupboards and wood dust extraction systems etc)

Inspect and repair outbuildings

Inspect and onsite residential accommodation (caretakers houses etc)

Clear debris and silt from traps below drain covers

Service lightning conductors

Inspect and repair all external finishes

PAT testing

Inspect and safety test gas appliances and boilers

Clean and service boiler flues and chimneys

Pressure test gas pipework

Inspect oil supply pipes and tanks

Inspect pressure vessels (Gas cylinders etc)

Inspect and repairs to cold water distribution (Pipework, pumps and tanks etc)

Check pipework insulation to prevent freezing

Test fire alarm call points

Flush through and purge expansion tanks

Inspect and repair defects to floors, stairs and other walkways

Inspect and repair roof coverings

Inspect and repair gutters, roof outlets and rain pipes

Check and service security systems

Check and service emergency lighting systems

Safety check electronic powered gates and doors