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Britain’s new high speed rail line is being built between London and the North-West, connecting to the biggest cities in Scotland, with Manchester, Birmingham and London. 

It is the largest infrastructure project in Europe, with huge social and economic regeneration benefits. The project is estimated to be completed sometime between 2029 and 2033. 

Work started in 2009 and lots of progress has already been made using world-class engineering and strategic planning to protect the countryside, local communities and also cut down carbon emissions. 

As a trusted contractor of several train operating companies, the whole team at Hollywell are really excited about HS2’s latest news updates. Read on to find out about the latest developments. 

What is the latest news on the HS2 Project? 

The Colne Valley Viaduct

Excitingly, construction work has now started on HS2’s first and longest viaduct, the Colne Valley Viaduct, a 700 tonne bridge. 

Once completed, the Colne Valley Viaduct will be 3.4km long, making it the longest railway bridge in the UK! 

Building the viaduct is a huge project in itself. To complete this project, specialist equipment has been imported from Hong Kong which has been used to improve infrastructure in Singapore. 

1,000 concrete segments of various sizes are also required to match the bridge’s bends and height. These are currently being constructed in a specially designed factory close to the site at a rate of around 12 per week. 

Design updates

In other HS2 latest news, designs have been updated near Lichfield to result in 80% less concrete and reduce carbon emissions. 

These plans will also reduce the visual impact of the project, meaning less disruption to local communities. There are also plans for more planting of vegetation which will help the project blend with the natural scenery.

With a project as large as HS2, it is important to be adaptable and update the plans when there is opportunity to improve the impact of the environment and local communities. 

The benefits of HS2 for commuters 

When HS2 is complete, there will be many new exciting benefits for commuters! There will be seamless connectivity for passengers who will have high-speed internet and phone signal through tunnels, cuttings, open sections and HS2 Stations.  

HS2 will not only improve the commute for travellers using the route, but also other rail networks. The project plans to upgrade new lines across Britain’s rail system to make travel faster to and from many towns and cities, including Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham and Derby. 

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