Hollywell Charity Fun

The Hollywell team all met up in October 2018 for their annual bowling contest for a day of fun and to celebrate the 25th year of the company as well as to raise money for Ochre, a charity that promotes the awareness of oesophageal cancer.

The general standard of bowling was high with just a few notable exceptions and the honour of being the day’s best bowler was fiercely contested. Hollywell was split into 12 teams for the day with a team and overall individual winner emerging after a tough fought tournament.

The day’s winning team was Paul Reids’ Purple Team with a superb display of bowling.

The honour of the day’s best bowler went to Nigel Ilott who was presented with a trophy during the post bowling meal back in St Albans. The dubious honour of the day’s worst bowler was awarded to Theresa Eaton who accepted her award with almost the same level of enthusiasm.

The day was enjoyed by the whole team with funds raised for the important work that the Ochre charity performs and everyone was left looking forward to next years competition.

To find out more about Ochre and the excellent work that they do, please visit them at ochrecharity.org.uk





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