Hollywell gives Greater Anglia Stations a fresh new look

Hollywell were tasked with painting and redecorating the majority of the stations on the Greater Anglia network. The works included painting booking halls, waiting rooms, canopies – both internally and externally, windows, doors, lighting columns, bridges and fencing.

Much of the infrastructure on the Greater Anglia network can trace it roots back to the railway boom of the first half of the 1800’s. The peak of the railway boom was in the 1840’s when speculators and entrepreneurs fought to build thousands of miles of track. Those with a vested interest in the canals were simply either bought off or ignored by the fledgling rail operators.

The money came pouring into the railways as the economy grew and government interest rates fell. Grand buildings were built on what is now the Greater Anglia network and the fabric of British life was changed forever as the benefits of the industrial revolution spread across the country. Today the Greater Anglia network has a good number of architectural gems and interesting stations most with tales to tell.

The endeavor of completing the painting took 2 years and included both possession and non-possession elements of the stations and all planning and programming was organised by Hollywell Building Services. Most of the the works were in the Greater Anglia colours as part of the re brand roll out but some stations were given a heritage colour make over to compliment the work supported by the Railway Heritage Trust and the Department for Transport’s Designated Community Railway Development Fund.

The work has led to a greater appreciation of the network and its architecture by the team as well as an increased enjoyment for those using the railway.

All the team at Hollywell involved in the refurbishments were proud of the works and the added benefit that it gives to those travelling on the network.

Nearly all the stations on the network were improved during the project, with standout improvements such as the booking hall in Norwich with its ornate ceiling giving the Hollywell team an even added amount of satisfaction.

To find out more information about the works that Hollywell undertakes for the Greater Anglia please click here

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