Activities during COVID

GTR Stations

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Hollywell were approached by GTR to flush their water systems at 83 stations which had been shut down. The Hollywell team carried this out on a  weekly basis and under very tight time constraints in order to prevent waterborne bacteria forming and simulating normal operating use.

Air Handling Units (AHU’s) had to be adjusted to allow for 100% fresh air. This involved disabling their re-circulation and heat recovery feature which reuses expelled air to pre-heat the incoming supply air.

GTR Depots

Hollywell undertook bi-weekly AC cleaning and disinfecting at every high trafficked area at every depot across the GTR network, and monthly at the less busy areas in the depots.


Hollywell carried out extensive works on the C2C route, replacing all filters on every AC unit across the C2C estate to reduce the risk of particulates being released into the air.


The Hollywell team installed perspex screens for the customer service desks at Norwich and Ipswich stations. We ensured AEA that we would continue to complete our statutory checks and advised that when engineers were visiting stations they would check all hand dryers and hot water taps for the correct operation.
AEA perspex screen


Hollywell installed a trough sink at the Junior Branch to allow the children to wash their hands outside prior to entering the buildings.

UCS sink trough

CWS Troughs

We are currently installing 8 outdoor sink troughs at Cardinal Wiseman School in preparation for the children returning in September. This will allow the children to wash their hands whilst outside.


Hollywell was able to implement a successful plan to enable its Helpdesk, field operatives and head office based team to work seamlessly throughout the lockdown period, ensuring 24/7 service for any mechanical, electrical and carpentry emergencies that arose.

The entire Hollywell team would like to extend a big thank you to everyone for supporting the business through this difficult and unprecedented time.

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