Govia Thameslink Water Supply

The Brief : To replace pre-surveyed water supply pipework at nine railway stations following an increase in the number of pipework failures during cold weather.

Sector : Railway

Date : May to October 2018

The Approach : To replace water supply pipework of varying materials with a superior MDPE seamless alternative and insulate with 35mm foil backed rockwall pipe lagging.

The Challenges : The challenges faced within this project was to identify any pipework prone to failure and which could cause disruption to station or train movements. We had to approach this project with the travelling public and station staff in mind as disruption to water supplies was inevitable.

The Delivery : The delivery of these works were in a hope to reduce, if not remove any faults associated with the water supply pipework during extremely cold weather. We chose to use seamless MDPE pipework so to remove any weak spots caused by joints and fittings. Localised and accessible isolation valves have been positioned at various distances and positions in order to allow staff to isolate the water should there be future failures. During our initial survey we found that at some sites the entire station water supply would have to be turned off if a leak occurred. The approach we have taken with these works would remove this issue.


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